Alrashad Charitable Organization for development


Our organization is a non-government organization that gives help to needy people in all aspects of life social; medical; and financial support.
We help 1500 Egyptian families and 1300 Syrian families. We have multi specialty clinics.We have charity pharmacy for whoever can’t afford to buy medicine.Olso gives medical fairs in the needy villages that have no medical care. Soon we will have a 27 bed hospital.


  • Syrians
    medical, social and financial services.
  • Medical Testing
    we have a polyclinic that includes medical laboratory and x-ray.
  • Employment Services
    we have a polyclinic that include internals medicine; pediatrics; ophthalmology; dermatology; OBGYN; physical therapy; speech therapy.
    We help people to find jobs and give some training for suitable work.
  • Children and Unaccompanied Minors
    We have a small day care center has about 20 children.


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